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The National Registration of 1918
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The National Registration File of 1918

During WW1 National Registration was held throughout Canada. All individuals over the age of 16 were required to register on 22 June 1918. Questions asked included name, address, age, date and country of birth, citizenship, year of immigration, marital status, state of health and occupation. Every individual was then issued with a Registration Card which they were required to carry with them at all times. Unfortunately the forms filled out and collected were not kept. If you are lucky enough to find a Registration Card for this time period, treasure it.

Questions on the National Registration Form for Women
  1. Name in full (surname last)
  2. Age
  3. Permanent Address (Street, Town, Province)
  4. Nationality? Can you speak English? French?
  5. British subject? By Birth? Naturalization? Marriage?
  6. Are you single? Married? Widowed? Divorced?
  7. How many children or wards under 10? Will these children be recorded by another registrant?
  8. Do your health and home ties permit you, if required, to give full time paid work? (Registrants answering "NO" here need not answer any of the following questions. If answering "YES" or in doubt, should fill up rest of card. All must sign affirmation)
  9. Do your circumstances permit you to live away from home?
  10. What is your present main occupation? a) If in business as employer, state number of employees b) If an employee, state name, business and address of employer c) If full time voluntary worker, state name of Society served
  11. State particulars of each, if you have a) Trade or profession b) Degree, diploma or certificate c) Special training
  12. State length of experience (in years) if any in: (a) General farming (b) Truck farming (c) Fruit farming (d) Poulty farming (e) Dairy farming
  13. Can you (a) Drive a tractor? (b) drive a motor car? (c) drive a horse? (d) harness a horse? (e) do plain cooking?
  14. Indicate here any qualifications or practical experience which you possess, not already described
  15. Considering your health, training and experience, and the national needs, in what capacity do you think you could serve best?
  16. Do your circumstances permit you to give regular full-time service without renumeration?

Other Resources

Alternate resources that provide immigration or naturalization years are

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marker for naturalization records in Canada Ontario City Directories
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marker for naturalization records in Canada Ontario Newspapers (Obits, Announcements)
marker for naturalization records in Canada Canada Sessional Papers
marker for naturalization records in Canada Ships Passenger Lists to Canada

National Registration Cards

National Registration Ad [Red Deer News, 5 June 1918, page 1]
Card for Females The form women were asked to fill out [Red Deer News, 12 June 1918, page 1]
National Registration Ad [Red Deer News, June 19, 1918, Page 1]
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