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Arkansas Naturalization Records Index 1809-1906

Finding an Ancestor in Naturalization Records

Find your ancestor's immigration or naturalization year. Search Passport Applications, Alien Registrations, Almshouse Records, Oaths of Allegiance, Census Records, City Directories, Land Records, Ships Passenger Lists, Newspapers or Voters Registrations
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USA-Wide Naturalization Records

In the 1930s and 1940s a statewide project was begun by the WPA (Work Projects Administration). This project was to find and photograph Naturalization Records before 27 September 1906. All copies were to be deposited with INS (Immigration & Naturalization Service) but when the WPA was disbanded in 1942, only a few states and districts were complete. Following is the index completed for Arkansas.

Index to Arkansas Naturalization Records 1809 to 1906. Orders Granting Citizenship. This is an index only. For court names and page numbers refer to FHL US/CAN Film 1730849.

Transcriber: Laura Freeman

Surname First Name County Date
Bablor George Jefferson Co. May 27, 1886
Bach Adam Jackson Co. May23, 1884
Bach Conrad Jackson Co. April 29, 1890
Bacher Hektor ( Hector ) Johnson Co. Dec. 8, 1892
Bacher Rudolf Johnson Co. Dec.Term 1892
Bachman Joseph Franklin Co. Approx. 1893
Back Kaufman Desha Co. April 19, 1855
Back Pinkess Pulaski Co. May 26, 1893
Badke Adolph Dallas Co. Nov. 22. 1904
Baer Francis Draw Co. Sept.. 1856
Baer Frank Madison Co. Mar. 10, 1892
Baer Heman U.S. Dist. Ct. ( Ft. Smith ) April 10, 1890
Baer Julius U. S. Dist. Ct. ( Ft. Smith ) Jan. 30, 1890
Baer Lazarus Chilcot. Co. Oct. 10, 1890
Baess Jacob U. S. Dist. Ct. ( Little Rock ) Mar. 18, 1875
Bain James Sebastian Co.( Greenwood) Mar. 31, 1890
Baines Richard Chilcot. Co. Nov. 16, 1848
Baker Jacob Jefferson Co. May 7, 1860
Baker Peter U.S. Dist. Ct. ( Little Rock ) Oct. 1, 1890
Bales Daniel Sebastian Co.( Greenwood) Mar 16, 1894
Ball Albert Phillips Co. Nov. 16, 1886
Balle Jens J. E. Arkansas Co., ( Dewitt) Sept.18, 1906
Ballo George Prarie Co. ( DeValls ) Sept.18, 1906
Ballon Joe Yell Co. ( Dardanella ) Sept 19, 1884
Balloon Martin Yell Co. ( Dardanella ) Feb. 19, 1884
Balls Robert Johnson Co. Mar.14, 1846
Balmaz Emanuel Guy Faulkner Co., July 10, 1894
Baltensperger Margaret Nevada Co. July 25, 1894
Bangert Frederdick Carl Pope Co. April 4, 1882
Bangerter Johan Jacob Groans Co. Aug. 31, 1891
Barclay Hugh Prarie Co. ( Des Arc ) Aug31, 1887
Barengalser Willaim Franklin Co. ( Ozark ). July 15, 1882
Barkwell James Hooks Pulaski Co. Sept 25, 1895
Barnes Ferarnand Franklin Co., ( Ozark ) Jan. 6, 185?
Barre S. Lawrence Co. ( Walnut Ridge) Sept 9, 1892
Bartels Heinrich Sharp Co. ( Hardy) July 1, 1895
Barto John Johnson Co. Dec 4, 1899
Barteolich Frank Sebastian Co.( Greenwood) July 30,1903
Bartolich Frank ( See Barteolich )  
Bartuschen Martin St. Francis Co. April 18, 1887
Basler John U. S. Dist Ct.(Little Rock ) Jan 24, 1888
Bauer P. J. Logan Co. ( Paris) Aug 3, 1897
Bauer F. X. Logan Co. ( Paris) Aug 3, 1897
Bauermaum Henry U. S. Dist. Ct. ( Little Rock ) Oct 26, 1899
Baughter Johan Jacob See Bangerter  
Baum Moses Washington Co. April 4, 1873
Baumeister Henry Benton Co. Aug 17, 1858
Beardsley J. D. Nevada Co. May 20, 1887
Beattie Alexander Clark Co. Sept. 19, 1859
Beattie James Union Co. Oct. 14, 1856
Becht Simon Faulkner Co., Aug. 9, 1890
Bechtel Jacob W. Arkansas Co., ( Dewitt) Sept 11, 1890
Beck John Conway Co. Oct. 6, 1887
Beckel Charles U. S. Dist. Co. ( Ft. Smith ) Oct. 15, 1888
Beeg Frederdick Morris Sebastian Co.( Greenwood) July 12,1906
Behan Patrick Jefferson Co. May 4, 1858
Behl Adam Faulkner Co., Aug 3, 1864
Behrens John Hot Springs Co. Aug. 3, 1866
Beikel Ottos Sebastian Co.( Ft. Smith ) Oct 25, 1892
Bejach Oscar U. S. Dist. Ct. ( Little Rock ) April 23,1880
Belcher N. Craighead Co, Oct. 6, 1867
Bell Bernhard Pulaski Co. May15, 1893
Belsch Kathrine Saline Co. Nov. 1892
Bendler Adam Pulaski Co. April 23, 1892
Benjamin H. Enry L. Clark Co. Sept 28, 1853
Benjamin J. K. Clark Co. April 26, 1844
Bennie James W. Newton Co. Jan 8, 1897
Benson Joe Jefferson Co. Mar. 30, 1889
Berbig Fritz Pulaski Co. Sept. 26, 1906
Berg Aldolphus Garland Co. May 4, 1875
Berg William Pulaski Co. Mar. 25, 1904
Bergert Robert Pulaski Co. Mar. 25, 1904
Berhens Charles Johnson Co. May 7, 1889
Berlin Meyer Jefferson Co. July 30, 1898
Berlin Samuel Jefferson Co. June 29, 1898
Berman Pincus Sebastian Co. ( Ft. Smith ) Dec. 20, 1867
Bernadino Fdo Sebastian C. ( Greenwood ) Mar. 12, 1906
Bernhardt Gustave Garland Co. Sept, 1904
Bernheim Lewis Jefferson Co. Nov. 5, 1860
Berrard Louis Phillips Co. Nov. 11, 1906
Bertig Adolph Pulaski Co. May 24, 1894
Berting Joseph U. S. Dist. Co. ( Ft. Smith ) June 9,1905
Bertrand J. Godfrey Sebastian Co. ( Ft. Smith ) Dec. 26, 1856
Beschorner Franz Logan Co. ( Paris) Aug. 18, 1892
Beuman Henry Franklin Co.( Ozark ) July 1, 1891
Bilgisher John Conway Co. Sept. 24, 1906
Bilgisher Olli Conway Co. Sept. 24, 1906
Billings Howard Saline Co. Sept. 10, 1902
Birckel Susan ( Susane ) Sebastian Co. ( Greenwood ) Sept. 30, 1899
Birmingham W. C. Thomas Carroll Co. ( Berryville ) Oct. 4, 1875
Bischopink Frank Conway Co. Sept. 24, 1908
Blattler Joseph Logan Co. ( Paris) Aug 10, 1894
Blank David Arkansas Co., ( Dewitt) Oct. 13, 1852
Blank Jacob Arkansas Co., ( Dewitt) June 2, 1855
Blas Raphael Louis U. S. Dist. Co ( Little Rock ) Jan. 20,1871
Blas Gustave U. S. Dist. Co.( Little Rock ) Jan. 20, 1873
Blaurock Louis Jefferson Co. Oct.29, 1896
Blay Samuel Phillips Co. April Term 1898
Blekar Frank U. S. Dist. Co. ( Ft. Smith ) Feb. 1, 1898
Blochowiak Joseph U. S. Dist. Co. ( Little Rock ) Feb. 25, 1889
Blomgren Andue Gustaf Jefferson Co. Nov. 1, 1868
Bloom John Jefferson Co. Nov. 15, 1855
Bloom Simson ? Jefferson Co. Nov. 5, 1860
Buchey Olaf Pulaski Co. July ? 1901
Blume August Jefferson Co. June 15, 1870
Blumenthal Jacob Pulaski Co. July 10, 1854
Bocqin constaul F. Sebastian Co. (Ft. Smith ) May ?, 1867
Boheme Carl August Saline Co. Feb. 25, 1897
Bohhmer August F. U. S. Dist Ct. ( Ft. Smith ) Jan. 29, 1900
Bogeanschutz John Boone Co. July, 1888
Boggin John Desha Co. Oct. 19, 1857
Bogle David M. White Co. June 28, 1854
Bohner Otto Grown Co. Sept. 7, 1885
Booth Phillip Chilcot. Co. May 14, 1845
Bopp Emil b Pulaski Co. Aug. 20, 1906
Boechers Frederick Garland Co. Mar. 27, 1905
Borchert Frederick Arkansas Co., ( Dewitt) Mar.12, 1891
Borgerding Franz B. Logan Co. ( Paris) Jan. 31, 1890
Borengasser (Barengalser) William    
Bour Peter Conway Co. Oct. 14, 1890
Bovier Emannuel Faulkner Co., Aug. 2, 1890
Boyd James Jefferson Co. April 30, 1861
Boyd Robert U. S. Dist. Co. ( Ft. Smith ) Jan. 21, 1897
Boz Anselmo Sebastian Co. ( Greenwood ) Mar. 12, 1906
Brabetz Frank Yell Co. ( Dardanella ) Feb. 13, 1856
Bradfield John Sharp Co. ( Hardy) July 20. 1893
Bradley Edward Boone Co. April Term 1844
Brady james Desha Co. Dec. 5, 1860
Brady Patrick Desha Co. Nov 29,1860
Brager William Yell Co. ( Dardanella ) Sept 12, 1887
Braidly Samuel Washington Co. June 6, 1853
Braithwait George Prarie Co. ( DuValls Bluff ) April 4, 1857
Braithwait John Benton Co. May 19, 1843
Beam Harris Jefferson Co. April 5, 1897
Brambl John Logan Co. ( Paris) Aug. 9, 1906
Brammer . J. H. C. Carroll Co. ( Eureka Springs ) Aug. 15, 1891
Brandenburg Carl Pulaski Co. Sept. 26, 1906
Brasch Samuel Jackson Co. June 2, 1885
Braun Seraphin Faulkner Co., Aug 2,1890
Breger Anna Logan Co. ( Paris) Jan. 1, 1901
Brejy H. A. Pope Co. Nov. 20, 1891
Breman Michael Phillips Co. Jan 17, 1857
Bretandere Victor Madison Co. Sept 24, 1894
Brewster Robert T,. Cleveland Co. Sept 19, 1889
Brikett Henry Sebastian Co. ( Greenwood ) July 6,1903
Briner Henrich U. S. Dist. Ct. ( Little Rock ) Feb. 27, 1894
Brixen John L. Pulaski Co. Dec. 25, 1892
Brob.. Max Lafette Co. 1880
Brogan Edward Sebastian Ct. ( Ft Smith ) June 22, 1868
Broich Thesdor Faulkner Co., Aug. 7, 1891
Brooks John Jefferson Co. Nov. 6, 1860
Brown Barnett Jefferson Co. Nov 22,1896
Bruck Peter Conway Co. Oct. 17, 1904
Brun Frank Sebastian Co.( Ft. Smith ) Sept 26, 19069
Bruner Joseph Randolph Co. Feb. 11, 1891
Burnert John Yell Co. ( Dardanella ) Oct. 19, 1888
Brunet John Johnson Co. Dec 7, 1894
Brunsall John Ludwig Woodruff Co. Aug. 19, 1879
Bry Louis Ouachita Co. Nov. 28, 1882
Bry Nathan Ouachita Co. Nov. 27, 1875
Bryan Sam Craighead Co, ( Jonesboro ) Sept. 25, 1900
Bucheit Peter J. Conway Co. Mar. 3, 1891
Buchley Dennis F. Prarie Co. ( Des Arc) Dec. 12, 1875
Bugger Charles Conway Co. Mar. 3, 1891
Bungler Andrew Franklin Co.( Ozark ) Dec 18. 1875
Burkel ( See Birkel ) Susan ( Susane )    
Burgauer Isaac Saline Co. April 21, 1869
Burgener Lukas Conway Co. Oct. 17, 1904
Burger G.L. Jackson Co. April Term 1881
Burhop Fred Independence Co. April 29, 1892
Burke Joseph Chilcot. Co. Oct. 18, 1852
Burke Martin U. S. Dist. Ct. ( Little Rock ) Sept 12, 1872
Burke Michael Desha Co. April 25, 1851
Burke Patrick Hot Springs Co. Aug. 26, 1881
Burne Dominic Phillips Co. Dec 22, 1859
Burrows George F. U. S. Dist Ct. ( Little Rock) Mar 31, 1879
Bush Frederick Charles Cleburne Co. Oct 6, 1886

Index to Arkansas Naturalization Records 1809-1906. Surnames Starting with [A][B][C][D][E][F][G][H][I][J][K][L][M] (Surnames M to Z will be added at a later date once a more legible record is found)

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