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NATURALIZATION RECORDS: Passport Applications 1809

Finding an Ancestor in Naturalization Records

Find your ancestor's immigration or naturalization year. Search Passport Applications, Alien Registrations, Almshouse Records, Oaths of Allegiance, Census Records, City Directories, Land Records, Ships Passenger Lists, Newspapers or Voters Registrations
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USA-Wide Naturalization Records

Passport Applications 1809

Register of USA Passport Applications, Dec. 21 1810 - Oct. 7, 1817 LDS Film # 1463566. Lorine's Note: Although this database states that these American Passport Applications begin Dec. 21, 1810 the first page contains the first part of 1809. The only months visible are Sept. The second page begins with June 28, 1810 and it is not until page 5 that we see Dec. 21, 1810. I have arranged the passport applicatants names in alphabetical order by surname but that is not how they appear on the original ledgers.

Date First Name Surname Remarks Location
1809 Aug. 28 Andrew Alexander Certificate Clerk Mayor's Court New York New York
1809 before Aug. 20 Richard Barr Certificate of Clem. Biddle  
1809 Aug. 27 Louis Albert Bauder Certificate Judah Luntry, New YorK New York
1809 before Aug. 20 Frances? Baulos? Certificate of Governor Clarborne  
1809 before Aug. 20 Willaim Henry Blodgett known to Richard Forrest  
1809 before Aug. 20 Calente? Clarens Certificate D. Calduious Notary Public New York New York
1809 before Aug. 20 Thomas Cope Certificate of William Bleecker New York New York
1809 before Aug. 20 Charles Doliere Certificate of David Codwise, Notary Public N.Y. New York
1809 before Aug. 20 Isaa? Doolittle Junr. Sent to the collector, New Haven Connecticut
1809 Aug. 20 Nicklaus W./A. Field Certificate of John G. Bogert New York New York
1809 before Aug. 20 John Joseph Fox Certificate William Davidson, Philadelphia Philadelphia
1809 before Aug. 20 William Ritchie Hedges Native of the District of Columbia District of Columbia
1809 before Aug. 20 David Hol[e/s]man Certificate of Jno. Wilkes  
1809 Aug. 27 Francis Laborde Certificate of Benjamin Nones  
1809 before Aug. 20 James Le Mee Known to Benjamin Nones  
1809 before Aug. 20 Archibald McNeil Certificate of Gabriel Winter  
1809 Aug. 27 John Moss Certificate of Benjamin Nones  
1809 Aug. 27 Garrett H. O'Connor Certificate of Peter Lohra? Philadelphia Philadelphia
1809 Aug. 24 John Pawley Certificate of John Gill, Baltimore Baltimore
1809 Aug. 20 Peter Ramadon Certificate of John Liddle, Clerk Justice Peace Court  
1809 before Aug. 20 George Topham Certificate of Robt. Carter Notary Public Newport R.I. Newport, Rhode Island
1809 before Aug. 20 Honore Martin Vandez Certificate of Jno. Walker, do. [New York] New York

Last Updated on 05 April 2003
Transcriber: Lorine McGinnis Schulze

Register of USA Passport Applications 1809 - 1817. Choose from 1809 Passports | 1810 Passports | 1811 Passports | 1812 Passports | 1813 Passports not available| 1814 Passports | 1815 Passports | 1816 Passports | 1817 Passports

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