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USA Register of Passports from 14 November 1834 to 1843

Finding an Ancestor in Naturalization Records

Find your ancestor's immigration or naturalization year. Search Passport Applications, Alien Registrations, Almshouse Records, Oaths of Allegiance, Census Records, City Directories, Land Records, Ships Passenger Lists, Newspapers or Voters Registrations
USA Naturalization Records USA Passport Applications USA Alien Registrations USA Almshouse Records USA Oaths of Allegiance  
USA Census Records USA City Directories USA Land Records USA Ships Passenger Lists USA Newspapers USA Voters Registrations

USA-Wide Naturalization Records

Index to Register of Passports USA 14 November 1834 to 1843
These passports were granted to citizens of the United States going to foreign countries. Passports were granted to those satisified the requirement that they be "entitled to receive them" Each applicant had to present evidence that they were a citizen of the USA and a description of his person:

Age, Height (Stature), Forehead, Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Chin, Hair, Complexion, Face

If the applicant's wife, children or servants were to accompany him, or any females under his protection, only their names and ages plus their relationship to the applicant was needed.

The following is an INDEX to such passports issued from 1834 to 1843. The applicants residences covered all of the USA.

I have included a few examples of the full passport details that can be found once you find an ancestor's name in the index.

To use this database, you will find a name of interest, then obtain LDS film #1463566 for the full reference. There are duplicate names. It may be that one person made more than one trip and required more than one passport, or it may be that there was more than one individual with the same name. A search of the film will provide the answers.

Source: LDS Film #1463566 Item 2
Transcriber: Pamela Gera. Transcriber notations inside [ ]
Lorine's Note: The original list is in order of application. Although it would give some idea of the year of application (first names on the list closer to 1834, last on the list closer to 1843) it does not provide exact years so is of limited value in that format. Therefore I have rearranged the list into alphabetical order for easier searching

[Bara?Bana?], John
[Beguer? Bequer?], Ambrose
[Berney? Birney?], Robert
[Bonas?Borras?], J with wife & child
[Brecht? Bricht?], Charles
Ba[?][?]chen, Jno Henry
Ba[?]bi, John B
Babad, Chas Henry
Babad, H & wife
Babad, Henry
Babad, Henry
Babbi, John L J.A
Bach, John C
Backing, Lorenzo
Bacon, E Champion
Bacon, Francis
Bacon, Jas M
Bacon, Samuel
Bacot, R.M.
Bage, Robert
Bage, Robert & wife & c
Bailey, Alex H
Bailey, Aug[?]
Bailey, Edward
Bailey, Henry
Bailey, John J
Bailey, John J
Bailey, Jos T
Bailey, Saml T
Baird, R wife & 3 chiln
Baird, Robert
Baird, Robt & wife
Baker, Anson
Baker, Geo Franklin
Baker, George C
Baker, Henry S
Baker, James & wife
Baker, Matthias
Baker, Nathan
Baker, R.L. Major U.S.
Baker, Thos H
Baker, Walter
Baker, Wm Junr
Bakewell, Thos
Baldwin, David
Baldwin, Henry
Baldwin, Henry
Baldwin, Isaac
Baldwin, Isaac
Baldwin, Mary B
Baldwin, Wm C
Balfour, Wm F
Balia, George
Ball, Dyer
Ballantine, Henry
Ballard, Henry S
Ballard, Jas M
Ballard, Jas M
Ballard, Jos H
Ballaro, J
Ballud, Edward
Baltzell, Edwd B
Banyer, Maria
Barclay, George
Barclay, Jno OC
Bardotte, Emelia
Bardotte, Joseph
Barinett[e?i?], Chs
Barker, Andrew L
Barker, Anna Hazard
Barker, Henry H
Barnard, Henry
Barnard, Jas M
Barney, Charles G
Barney, Wm Chase
Barney, Wm Chase
Barre, Louis P
Barrell, John
Barrell, William
Barret, Richd A
Barrett, Geo H & Lady
Barrett, Thos Henry
Barron, Joseph
Barry, John S
Barston, Hatherly
Bartlett, Lyman Doct
Bartlett, Moses E
Bartlett, Robert
Barton, Abraham
Barton, Dr John Rhea
Barton, Dr. Edwd H
Basche, Alex Dallas & family
Basset, John Y
Bassett, Gorham F
Batchelor, Jno A
Bates, George A
Bates, Isaac C Jr
Bates, Jno D & wife
Batog[?][?][?], J C & wife
Battell, Joseph Jr
Baudoine, Chs A
Bauersachs, Jno [?]
Bayard, Revd L.P.
Bayaro, Charles P
Bayley, Carlton
Baynard, G.H.
Beadle, Elias R
Beagle, Abram
Beall, Isaac
Beall, Lloyd J., Capt
Beardsley, L. T
Beas[?]ley, Geo G
Beatty, Revd C.C.
Bechler, Jno, Rev & wife & c
Beck, Andrew
Beck, Andrew
Beck, Charles
Beck, Chas Fedr
Beck, Chs Fredk
Beckman, Jas N
Beckman, Wm F
Beckwith, H[?] J
Bedenict, David W
Bee, John H
Beene, Jesse
Behrman, Charles
Beile, John R
Belime, Louis
Belknap, E
Belknap, John
Bell, H[?][?][?][?], S
Bell, James H
Bell, Jas H
Bell, Saml C
Bellany, William
Ben[?]ochea, F L
Bendernagel, Jacob
Benedict, Spencer S
Benedict, Thos H
Benet, James
Benhan, Revd N.S.
Beninger, Andw G
Beninger, Jacob & sons
Beninger, Wm B
Benj, Peter
Benjamin, H. Benja
Benjamin, J Philip
Benjamin, John
Benjamin, M.D.
Bennett, Nathl G
Bennett, Philander & wife
Bennett, Washington J
Bensley, John
Bent, John
Bento, John
Bento, Joseph
Benton, George
Benzinger, Fredk F
Benzinger, John F
Bergen, Michael T
Bergh, Miss Frances
Bergonzio, Eugene
Berly, John
Bernadoin, Edwd
Bernard, Arthur H.H.
Bernard, Charles
Bernhard, Henry
Berry, Jacob T
Berry, Mary Anne
Berry, Nathl
Berti, Anselm[s?o?]
Bertram, Jno J
Beschke, William
Bethune, Geo W
Bethune, Geo W & Lady
Bethune, George & Lady
Bethune, John McLean
Bettner, George
Bevan, G.S.
Bevan, Geo L
Beylard, John Jr & son
Beylle, John E
Bi[?]htele, Chris[?] G
Biddle, Alex
Biddle, Chapman
Biddle, Chas John
Biddle, Clement
Biddle, Dr Jno B
Biddle, Edwd Craig
Biddle, Mrs. Elizabeth
Biderman, Jas A & Lady
Bierworth, Leopold
Bigelow, A U.S.A.
Bigelow, A & wife
Bigelow, A[?][?][?] P
Bigelow, Abram O
Bigelow, Abram O
Bigelow, Chs H
Bigelow, Henry J
Bignall, David
Billier, Petit
Bindernagel, Jacob
Bingham, Wm wife & c
Binney, Horace H
Binse, Lewis B
Birc[h?k?]ard, Jarvis
Birckhead, Hugh & c
Bishop, Charles
Bishop, Geo G
Bishop, Joshua
Bishop, William
Bishop, Wm
Bishops, Joseph
Bissell, Gilbert
Bissell, Humphrey
Bl[?]mer, Alex A
Blackwood, Joseph
Blake, George B & Lady
Blake, John H
Blake, Joshua wife & c
Blakely, Davis
Blakslee, Oscar
Blancan, Peter [?]
Blanchard, Ed
Blanchard, Hiram
Blanchard, Rev Jona
Ble[?]cker, Harmanus
Blight, George
Bliss, Edwin E
Bliss, Isaac
Blunt, Edmand
Blunt, George W
Boker, Edward
Blunt, John
Blunt, John
Bo[?]y[?]e, Antoine
Bo[r?c?]ic, Chs Louis
Boardman, Elijah
Boardman, John
Bodmann, Philip
Bodmer, Henry
Boeschenstein, John
Bogert, Peter
Boggs, J Coleman
Boggs, J Coleman
Boggs, Jas Coleman
Boggs, Jas Coleman
Boggs, Sarah
Bohlen, Henry & family
Bohlerr, John Jr
Boiceau, Sampson
Boker, John G
Boker, John G
Boldinger, John
Bolenius, A.[?].
Bolenius, Adolph Wm
Bollerman, Anthony
Bollerman, C
Bollermann, Anthony
Bollman, Harvey F
Bolton, Ann L
Bolton, Curtis & daughter
Bolton, Jas R
Bolton, Robt Coates
Bonaparte, J [?]
Bond, Elias
Boninger, Rudolph
Bonnaffon, Albert L
Bonnel, Wm Wilson
Bonner, William G
Bool, Wm B
Boone, Rev Wm J & Lady
Booraem, Thos L
Boorma[m?n?], James
Booth, Alfred
Booth, Francis
Booth, Geo H
Borden, J
Bordman, Wm H
Borrowe, William
Boschen, Jno Henry
Bosley, Peter
Bosquet, Peter & Lady
Bostwick, Henry M
Boucherie, Edwd
Bouland, Fredk B
Boulard, Joseph & wife
Boullier, John
Bounetheau, H.B.
Bourne, Eliz Allen
Bowdre, L.A.
Bowdre, Lucien
Bowe, Obadiah A
Bowhay, William
Bowin, Francis
Bowly Franklin
Bowman, William
Bowry, [?]os
Boyce, Jas J
Boyd, Andrew H.H.
Boyd, Danl
Boyd, John A
Boyd, William S
Boykin, Bur[?][?]ell
Boyle, Cornelius
Bracey, John D
Brackett, Jeffry R
Brad[?][?], [ ? ]
Bradford, Hezk
Bradford, James
Bradford, John O
Bradford, Thos G & others
Bradford, Wm B., Jr
Bradish, Wheaton
Bradlee, E.F.
Bradlee, Edmd F
Bradlee, J.B.
Bradlee, Joseph
Bradley, Mrs Grace
Bradsford, David D
Brady, Benja
Brady, E.F.
Brainard, Danl
Brainerd, Morgan L
Brandt, John H
Brashears, Saml
Brashears, Saml
Brauns, F L
Braxton, J E
Bray, Geo Thomas
Bray, Isaac
Breckinridge, Robt J & Wife
Brenkenridge, R J
Brette, Gusts A
Brevoort, Jas C
Brewer, Jas H
Brewerton, Henry Capt
Brewster, Jonas C
Brewster, Osmyn
Brewster, Seabury
Briggs, Jeremiah
Brigler, Augustus P
Brinckerhoff, J Jun
Brinckerhoff, Stephen
Brinkerhoff, P R wife & c
Brinsmade, P.A.
Brintnall, Elisha M
Brister, [?][?][?]hall, P
Broadbeck, Jacob
Broadhead, J R
Broadhead, Jno R
Brodhead, Jn[s?o?] R
Brolasky, Henry L
Bronson, Francis S
Bronson, Fredk
Bronson, Henry
Brookes, Chas wife & c
Brooks, Erastus
Brooks, Henry
Brooks, James
Brooks, Mrs. Esther G
Brooks, Sidney
Broom, Samual
Brown, Alex
Brown, Alexander
Brown, Allen
Brown, Angus
Brown, Benja
Brown, Charles W
Brown, Clement
Brown, Geo L
Brown, James
Brown, John A
Brown, John P
Brown, Joseph W
Brown, M.E.D.
Brown, Richd D
Brown, Robt M
Brown, Saml G
Brown, Wm K
Browne, Elizabeth C
Browne, Horace G
Browne, Horace G
Browne, J.R.
Browne, Joseph
Browne, Peter A & Lady
Browne, Peter A.LL.D.
Browne, Tecumseh
Bruce, Henry
Bruen, Alex M
Bruen, Joseph
Bruen, Matthias
Brugiere, Charles
Brumley, Augustus
Brune, Fredk Wm Jr
Brune, John C
Brune, Wm
Brune, Wm Henry
Brush, Chs D.L.
Brush, James
Brustlien, Edwd
Brute, Simon G.G.
Bryan, E.M. Mrs
Bryan, James
Bryant, Hilliard
Bryson, Robert
Bu[h?k?]ler, Tobias
Buchanan, Thomas
Buck, Henry
Buck, Jas R
Buck, Wm H
Buckingham, J.H.
Buckins, John
Buel, Rufus F
Buell, Mrs [L?] Branch
Buell, Wm P Revd
Buffum, Arnold
Bugbee, Saml S
Buist, Robert
Bujac, Matthew L
Bulkley, George R
Bull, Genl Wm A
Bull, William H
Bullard, Stephen H
Bulling, Henry
Bullock, Jas D
Bullock, Wm G
Bullwinkel, John
Bundrock, C
Bunker, Fredk E
Burdell, John
Burdsall, Wm H
Burgess, Alex
Burgess, Revd Eben.
Burgess, Robert
Burgiere, Antoinette
Burgy, Henry
Burke, Walter L
Burn, John A
Burns, Mrs Mary
Burr, Mrs Eliza
Burr, Nicholas
Burr[e?i?]tt, Wm H
Burrough, Marmadake
Burrough, Wm L
Burroughs, Erastus B
Burroughs, Thos S
Burrows, Ezra [?]
Burrows, Silas E
Burt, W F
Burton, Chas U.C.
Buschman, Christn
Bush, John P
Bush, Joseph H
Bush, Miss Susan
Bushnell, David
Butler, Jas D
Butler, Jonas
Butler, Lt. Robt J
Butler, Mrs Lucy Ann
Butler, Wm Adolphus
Butler, Wm H.A
Butterworth, Jno F
Byers, James
Byrne, B.M.

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