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NATURALIZATION RECORDS: Naturalization Declarations Rensselaer County

Finding an Ancestor in Naturalization Records

Find your ancestor's immigration or naturalization year. Search Passport Applications, Alien Registrations, Almshouse Records, Oaths of Allegiance, Census Records, City Directories, Land Records, Ships Passenger Lists, Newspapers or Voters Registrations
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USA-Wide Naturalization Records

Date: 09 Apr 2003
Transcriber: Pat Connors
Connors Genealogy
Source: LDS film#1304660, Naturalization Declarations 1853-1859, Rensselaer Co NY Justice Court

The following database is published on with Pat Connor's permission. Pat notes: This database is for those born in Ireland. A typical record has the following information: name, age, county in Ireland of birth, city where person left from, date of arrival in USA, place of residence, date of declaration. Residences include Rensselaer, Albany, Washington and Saratoga Counties, plus I have found some from VT and MA.

It should be noted that all the records are 150 years old and hand written and at time very difficult to read. Those names with (?) means I am guessing. While fairly familiar with Troy Irish names I still had to guess on a few. Also, there is a form where the clerk fills in the person's name and many times misspelled the surname. If the person signed their own name, I took their spelling and not the clerk's. But is there was an X, then I took the name the clerk wrote even though it didn't look correct to me. If you think one of these are yours, you should check the film for accuracy.

Fields are Surname, First Name, Age, County of Birth

from Dec 1, 1853 to Jan 16, 1854
Pratt, John, 35, Tipperary
Shaw, John, 33, Laois (Leix)
Lynch, John, 32, Limerick
Spellane, James, 27, Cork
Flatley, Michael, 25, Sligo
Aylmer, Patrick, 23, Wicklow
Lacy, patrick, 25, Dublin
Sheridan, John, 22, Fermanagh
Bourke, James, 27, Tipperary
Ryan, Mathew, 23, Tipperary
McGrath, Thomas, 22, Tipperary
Walker, William, 52, Tyrone
Carey, Jeremiah, 28, Tipperary
Burns, Peter, 24, Wicklow
Quinn, Thomas, 37, Limerick
Kelly, Patrick, 31, Limerick
Tracy, John, 37, Waterford
Malone, Michael, 28, Kilkenny
Roach, James, 40, Kilkenny
Degnan, dominick, 31, Sligo
O'Reordan, Michael, 37, Limerick
Gearen, Francis, 29, Leitrim
McMahan, Thomas, 28, Monaghan
Smith, William, 32, Tipperary
Markey, Bryan, 34, Westmeath
Hanley, John, 24, Limerick
Delaney, Patrick, 53, Tipperary
Gilday, James, 25, Donegal
Jan 16, 1854 to Feb 17, 1854
Higgins, Thomas, 26, Limerick
Mann, Michael, 46, Limerick
Sheehy, James, 25, Limerick
McMahan, Michael, 22, Limerick
Kelly, John, 22, Limerick
Monahan, Michael, 30, Limerick
McDonough, Michael, 30, Limerick
Daley, Patrick, 27, Limerick
Carty, James, 35, Sligo
Martin, Michael, 29, Westmeath
Reardon, John, 41, Tipperary
Lawford, John, 28, Derry
Tighe, James, 25, Leitrim
Hayes, Michael, 24, Tipperary
McCrate, Patrick, 37, Tipperary
Bacon, Patrick, 32, Laois (Leix)
Cregan, Patrick, 28, Limerick
Healey, John, 26, Mayo
Madden, John, 28, Galway
Maxwell, John, 38, Cavan
Rich, Ferdinand, 25, Galway,
Donovan, Martin, 26, Galway
O'Brien, Richard, 35, Tipperary
Hayes, Patrick, 25, Limerick
Thonell, Peter, 32, Cork
Claffy, Thomas, 35, Westmeath
McYouldrick(?), 21, John, Cavan
Maloney, Michael, 21, Limerick
Champion, Thomas, 21, Kilkenny
Feb 20, 1854 to Feb 28, 1854
Reilly, Thomas, 21, Sligo
McCormick, James, 24, Dublin
Brairton, Patrick, 29, Tipperary
Delaney, Patrick, 28, Laois (Leix)
Thompson, John, 26, Carlow
Martin, Tobias, 55, Tipperary
Curley, James, 32, Roscommon
Fitzgerald, John, 26, Waterford
Kelly, James, 22, Galway
McCardel, Owen, 24, Armagh
Kenney, Martin, 33, Dublin
Farrell, Thomas, 26, Longford
Driscoll, John, 60, Cork
Cain, Thomas, 28, Meath
Grain, Patrick, 22, Limerick
Haney, Patrick, 24, Galway
Hogan, John, 27, Limerick
Murtha, Owen, 28, Cavan
Tillman, Nicholas, 33, Tipperary
Darigan, John, 23, Tipperary
Dewey, James, 23, Tipperary
Buckley, William, 27, Tipperary
Daragan, Timothy, 33, Tipperary
Lanagan, John, 23, Tipperary
Fogarty, Thomas, 24, Tipperary
Gilligan, Michael, 35, Sligo
Dunn(?), Philip, 21, Limerick
Lanergan, Patrick, 21, Limerick
Cahill, Edward, 40, Limerick
Feb 28, 1854 to Mar 8, 1854
Noonan, John, 31, Cork
Leary, Owen, 36, Cork
Sheehan, Patrick, 43, Limerick
Corbit, Lawrence, 25, Clare,
Hines, Michael, 33, Clare
Strain, John, 30, Down
Reynolds, Hugh, 29, Leitrim
Gleason, Patrick, 29, Limerick
Quinn, Thomas, 28, Cork
Smith, James, 22, Cork
Toohey, William, 22, Tipperary
Long, Matthew, 21, Tipperary
Myers, James, 55, Tipperary
dunn, Michael, 36, Tipperary
McEllister, Patrick, 35, Kerry
Duggale, Andrew, 40, Galway
McLaughlin, John, 38, Lough
Cushing, Daniel, 28, Offaly
Higgins, Martin, 30, Galway
Higgins, James, 32, Galway
Lanigan, Richard, 22, Tipperary
Cox, William, 25, Westmeath
Madden, Michael, 35, Galway
Wall, Dennis, 30, Tipperary
Nash, Patrick, 26, Limerick
Egan, Denis, 32, Tipperary
Long, Thomas, 30, Tipperary
Kelley, 35, Tipperary
McGaffin, James, 55, Down
Mar 9, 1854 to Mar 23, 1854
Boyle, James, 34, Tipperary
Smith, John, 30, Meath
Scully, Thomas, 29, Meath
Boyle, George, 31, Longford
McEnvey, Michael, 31, Limerick
Keating, John, 27, Limerick
Lyons, James, 40, Limerick
Supple, Martin, 29, Limerick
McGrath, Hugh, 22, Tipperary
Scully, James, 30, Meath
Maher, Denis, 32, Tipperary
Connelly, Patrick, 31, Westmeath
McNamara, John, 22, Clare
Crow, Michael, 41, Clare
Manning, ptrick, 23, Roscommon
Connelly, Martin, 24, Galway
Carmay, Peter, 25, Roscommon
Ryan, Dennis, 23, Clare
Waldron, John, 34, Meath
Sullivan, Andrew, 22, Limerick
Grady, Patrick, 24, Tipperary
Baurick, James, 23, Wexford
Steans, Humphrey, 23, Wexford
Butler, William, 29, Tipperary
Ryan, Patrick, 30, Tipperary
Quirk, Patrick, 44, Tipperary
Brady, John, 27, Monaghan
Donnellan, Richard, 57, Kildare
Donnelly, John, 25, Tyrone
Mar 24, 1854 to April 8, 1854
Ahern, William, 27, Cork
Welch, John, 30, Limerick
Meade, John, 23, Limerick
Griffins, Timothy, 26, Limerick
Denahy, Dennis, 24, Cork
Callahan, Daniel, 26, Tipperary
Mulcahey, Michael, 27, Cork
Clohessy, Michael, 30, Tipperary
Ryan, James, 49, Limerick
Ryan, James, 31, Limerick
Slattery, Dennis, 30, Tipperary
Feenan, Thomas, 22, Westmeath
Lawlet, Mathew, 25, Laois (Leix)
Cass, Edward, 43, Tipperary
Flaherty, John, 21, Limerick
Flaherty, Daniel, 19, Limerick
Fortune, Thomas, 36, Wexford
Costello, John, 27, Limerick
Sullivan, Marcus, 33, Kerry
Geary, Eugene, 27, Cork
McGuire, William, 34, Dublin
Egan, Thomas, 23, Roscommon
Doherty, Edmond, 37, Tipperary
Fennessy, John, 22, Tipperary
Purcell, Michael, 26, Kilkenny
McMoran, John, 42, Monaghan
Fallon, John, 40, Sligo
Glashey, John, 40, Tipperary
Slattery, Thomas, 40, Waterford
Apr 8, 1854 to May 2, 1854
Hennessy, William, 50, Cork
Leary, Cornelius, 46, Cork
Lealey, Edward, 36, Leitrim
Downey, James, Cavan
McCarty, Gerald, 28, Tipperary
McCarty, Patrick, Tipperary
Walsh, Edward, 27, Limerick
Gregg, Michael, 23, Clare
McNaughton, Nathaniel, 24, Clare
McGuire, Patrick, 35, Monaghan
Monahan, Arthur, 50, Tyrone
McKieran, Michael, 24, Lough
Harrington, Daniel, 24, Cork
Neville, Dennis, 38, Limerick
Ryan, Morgan, 29, Tipperary
Gillan(?), Michael, 27, Roscommon
Rahaley(?), Jeremiah, 40, Tipperary
Costello, Patrick, 32, Limerick
Wallace, Thomas, 35, Cork
Quinn, Michael, 24, Tyrone
Hartney, John, 34, Limerick
Fitzgerald, Andrew, 35, Cork
Collins, Patrickm 40, Sligo
Murphy, Patrick, 28, Kilkenny
Welch, Barthlomew, 33, Kilkenny
Burns, Daniel,21, Limerick
Kennedy, John, 41, Dublin
Hart, John, 35, Tipperary
Baker, James, 40, Tipperary
May 4, 1854 to July 3, 1854
Myard, John, 23, Westmeath
O'Neil, James, 24, Laois (Leix)
Carmody, John, 22, Clare
Ronan, John, 35, Tipperary
Sullivan, Michael, 68, Offaly
Delany, Thomas, 28, Dublin
Price, John, 50, Offaly
Kearns, Kanal(?), 23, Galway
McGavey, James, 21, Monaghan
Delaney, Edward, 21, Laois (Leix)
McSorely, John, 26, Tyrone
Delany, Patrick G., 24, Dublin
Nealous, Michael, 33, Sligo
Nooley, William, 54, Tipperary
Gorman, Patrick, 54, Limerick
Doyle, John, 35, Waterford(?)
Bresnehan, John, 27, Limerick
Horrigan, Hugh, 28, Westmeath
Kinney, Morris, 40, Waterford
Hogan, John, 40, Tipperary
Aherne, Michael, 40, Cork
Enright, Michael, 32, Limerick
Hughes, Philip, 30, Kildare
Orr, Henry, 26, Dublin
Ryan, John, 22, Tipperary
Mullin, John, 36, Offaly
Maguren, Hugh, 27, Fermanagh
Magill, Andrew, 29, Down
Falvey, Denis, 24, Kerry
July 5, 1854 to Sept 20, 1854
Lyons, William, 28, Tipperary
Dwyer(?), John, 50, Limerick
Quinn, Michael, 46, Kerry
Cullinan, Patrick, 26, Clare
Keefe, Daniel, 38, Limerick
McDonnell, Francis, 36, Limerick
Crawford, John, 52, Antrim
Kenally, John, 34, Clare
Donahoe, Timothy, 30, Limerick
Hogan, John, 36, Limerick
Welch, Michael, 40, Tipperary
Storm, John, 23, Clare
O'Brien, Timothy, 39, Cork
Gibbons, Michael, 26, Offaly
Maher, Michael, 43, Limerick
Geraghty, Thomas, 28, Louth
Dalton, Patrick, 22, Kilkenny
Ryan, Patrick, 28, Tipperary
Hahissy, Thomas, 24, Waterford
Costello, Michael, 21, Limerick
Martin, Winney, 25, Galway
Whelan, Michael, 33, Limerick
Garland, George, 40, Westmeath
Brown, David, 25, Cork
Russell, James, 24, Tipperary
Hughes, Edward, 30, Armagh
Murphy, Patrick, 29, Wexford
Ball, John, 22, Meath
Finnigan, Andrew, 28, Sligo
Sept 22, 1854 to Oct 23, 1854
Conlon, Peter, 25, Sligo
Connell, Charles, 50, Limerick
Fahey, Michael, 28, Galway
Toohy, William, 27, Tipperary
Grunell, Richard, 22, Wexford
Gainer, James, 40, Dublin
McKane, Francis, 23, Cavan
McEniry, William, 30, Tipperary
Jacoby, Arthur, 50, Dublin
Murphy, Samuel, 27, Down
McMarrow, Patrick, 27, Leitrim
Keane, Michael, 40, Clare
O'Neil, Michael, 40, Tipperary
Kellaher, Daniel, 45, Kerry
Moore, Patrick, 45, Waterford
Larkin, Thomas, 24, Limerick
Delany, Patrick, 28, Offaly
Reilly, Peter, 28, Dublin
Carty, John, 23, Meath
Moakley, Michael, 25, Tipperary
Moakley, James, 24, Tipperary
Hughes, Nicholas, 25, Westmeath
Slavin, Patrick, 35, Cavan
McLaughlin, John, 34, Dublin
Murphy, Patrick, 28, Fermanagh
Cummins, John, 28, Cork
Hefferman, Patrick, 23, Tipperary
Kelly, Peter, 32, Westmeath
Lyons, Michael, 23, Limerick
Oct 23, 1854 to Oct 26, 1854
Mahar, John, 42, Offaly
Burke, Edmund, 33, Offaly
Carroll, Michael, 25, Offaly
Cullen, Michael, 31, Westmeath
Myers, Thomas, 26, Tipperary
Farrell, William, 23, Tipperary
Mackey, Patrick, 47, Tipperary
Dunn, James S., 21, Monaghan
Clinton, James, 26, Dublin
Faye, John, 28, Meath
Geraty, Daniel, 30, Offaly
Hogan, Roger, 40, Offaly
Halligan, Thomas, 36, Longford
Towhill, John, 21, Cork
Nugent, Michael, 23, Armagh
Maher, Lawrence, 28, Tippeary
Guineasy, John, 29, Galway
Hanlon, Patrick, 36, Offaly
Mothenway, John, 30, Cork
Mothenway, William, 32, Cork
Sullivan, Michael, 26, Cork
O'Brien, John, 33, Tipperary
Quaid, Daniel, 21, Limerick
Gavin, Martin, 25, Galway
Riley, James, 26, Cavan
Delany, Martin, 20, Laois (Leix)
Berny, Bernard, 22, Wexford
Collins, John, 28, Limerick
Donahue, John, 22, Kilkenny
Oct 26, 1854 to Oct 28, 1854
Egan, John, 22, Offaly
Gilgore, William, 24, Derry
Kerns, James, 31, Fermanagh
Griffen, John, 26, Cork
Maher, Michael, 25, Tipperary
Pettit, Thomas, 34, Roscommon
Higgins, patrick, 26, Roscommon
Higgins, John, 36, Roscommon
Fay, Lawrence, 26, Meath
Finaughty, Patick, 24, Galway
Farrell, Edward, 22, Longford
Caufield, Patrick, 22, Roscommon
Heaney, James, 21, Longford
Heaney, Francis, 23, Longford
McCusker, John, 28, Down
Welsh, Philip, 29, Tipperary
Mahan, David, 21, Longford
Burke, Michael, 21, Tipperary
Comerford, Patrick, 37, Kilkenny
Murphy, James, 45, Kilkenny
Murphy, Michael, 40, Kilkenny
McGrath, Peter, 25, Meath
Hinchy, Michael, 28, Limerick
Langan, Thomas, 27, Meath
Scanlan, John, 22, Meath
Mullin, Barney, 23, Sligo
Powers, James, 22, Waterford
Hanley, Thomas, 23, Limerick
Guy, Patrick, 30, Offaly
Oct 28, 1854 to Nov 14, 1854
Fox, Michael, 23, Limerick
Sullivan, Cornelius, 47, Tipperary
Carwells(?), James, 25, Kildare
McCabe, Patrick, 30, Cavan
Welsh, John, 27, Offaly
McCabe, William, 35, Offaly
Brophy, Mathew, 40, Kilkenny
Hegarty, John, 31, Meath
O'Brien, Hugh, 22, Leitrim
Martin, Ptrick, 27, Dublin
Donovan, James, 25, Limerick
Ward, Timothy, 29, Clare
Lucas, Michael, 43, Clare
Renney, Thomas, 24, Longford
Calhan, John, 30, Limerick
Reddington, Thomas, 36, Galway
Morrissy, William, 21, Waterford
Nevin, John, 35, Waterford
Jordan, John, 37, Derry
Cort, Patrick, 30, Mayo
Murphy, James, 22, Kilkenny
Walsh, Michael, 23, Wterford
Burke, Thomas, 35, Limerick
Barron, William, 46, Tipperary
Dunn, John, 22, Antrim
Hart, James, 26, Sligo
Welch, Stephen, 26, Mayo
McDonald, James, 29, Mayo
Baggott, James, 22, Limerick
Nov 14, 1854 to Dec 18, 1854
Roughan, Patrick, 32, Limerick
Burke, Thomas, 29, sligo
Coonarty, Patrick, 35, Limerick
Kirby, Edward, 30, Tipperary
Jackson, Samuel, 30, Derry
Vaughan, Richard, 40, Limerick
Fitzgerald, James, 46, Limerick
Curry, Patrick, 26, Fermanagh
Johnson, Francis, 33, Limerick
Kain, John, 51, Wexford
Morrissy, Roger, 26, Tipperary
Morrissy, Edward, 30, Tipperary
Connell, John, 31, Limerick
Rainey, James, 30, Longford
Tyrrell, Thomas, 41, Westmeath
Kearns, patrick, 20, Galway
Murray, patrick, 25, Westmeath
Mahar, John, 22, Queens
O'Hearn, Cornelius, 34, Cork
Gorman, Michael, 22, Offaly
Ryan, Michael, 23, Limerick
Riley, Mathew, 30, Galway
Hickey, patrick, 31, Kilkenny
Burns, James, 61, Galway
Farley, James, 29, Meath
Herring, Wm. A., 22, Cork
Walsh, Pierce (Percy), 36, Tippeary
Kelly, Dominick, 25, Laois (Leix)
Collins, Patrick, 28, Limerick

...1855 to 1859 will be online soon

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